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Medical Needs at School

When your child has a long term medical condition

If your child has a specific medical condition we may need to know about this condition so that we can keep your child safe when they are with us in school. Your child may need access to medication when they are with us but we can only arrange this with your consent.

Our 'Medical Needs at School Consent Form' will provide more information about this for you and you are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

We must have an up to date consent form from you if your child is to access any type of medication in school on a regular basis.

What do I do if ...

My child has had medication for a short term illness. The doctor has said that my child is well enough to return to school but must finish the course of medication. My child needs to take the medication during the school day.


If you want us to administer the medicine for your child you must bring the medication to the school office at the beginning of the day with a written note of explanation. Any medication we accept must be in its original packaging and labelled for your child by the chemist.

We will do our best to administer the medication to your child at the right time for you. You can also come to the school's office during the day and give the medication to your child yourself if this is easier for you.