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Ysgol Gynradd Croesty

Croesty Primary School

School Aims

Croesty Primary School will work to enable our children to develop a sound range of learning skills with a positive attitude to life-long learning. We will encourage both independence and resilience within each child and develop competency in cooperative working and problem solving so that aspirations can be achieved.


Croesty Primary School will ensure that we provide a broad, balanced, progressive curriculum which is relevant for the needs of our children in a changing society. Our children will achieve good levels in literacy and numeracy, and they will be able to build and improve upon these attributes when they leave us.


Our school will provide a safe, sociable learning environment where all children can grow; where all are valued and where positive contributions are encouraged, celebrated and recognised. Through the provision of meaningful learning opportunities and a positive learning ethos our children will be able to form constructive, respectful relationships with others. Our children will learn about how to keep themselves healthy and safe so that they can develop as productive citizens who will go on to lead happy successful lives.