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Ysgol Gynradd Croesty

Croesty Primary School

Who's Who

Mr William Bond Chair of Governors

Mr Martin Kaye Head teacher

School and Classroom Organisation for September 2020

Deputy Head Teacher. - Mr A Poole

Senior Management  - Mrs M Cullinan

                                   - Mrs E John

Nursery teacher - Miss L Andrews/ Miss G Wolfe

             Learning Support Officer - Mrs C Brown

Reception teacher - Mrs M Cullinan

             Learning Support Officer - Mrs J Lewis

Year 1 teacher. - Mrs E Avery

             Learning support offcier - Mrs R Sargent

Year 2 teacher - Mrs E John

            Learning Support Officer - Mrs M Rogers

Year 3 teachers - Mrs S Nichols and Mrs V Jones

Year 4 teacher - Miss C Williams

Year 5 teacher - Mr G Jones

Year 6 teacher - Mr A Poole

ALN teacher - Mrs K Williams


Caretaker: Mr C Thomas

Admin staff: Mrs T Farley.