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Ysgol Gynradd Croesty

Croesty Primary School

Opening Times



Croesty Primary School is open for children from 08:45 and children are registered in their classes at 08:55. Our gates then close until 15:15 which marks the end of the school day.

Lunch at Croesty Primary School is 11:45 to 13:00 for Foundation Phase children and 12:05 to 13:00 for children in

Key Stage 2.


We have a Breakfast Club that takes children from the Reception Class up to when they are in Year 6. Breakfast Cub can be accessed between 08:20 and 08:30 each morning and runs until 08:45.


Changes from September 2018


From September 2018 the children will not be entering the building until 08:55 for registration and will line up on the yard to be brought into class together. We are asking parents/carers to leave their children at the school gate. This will help greatly with the independence of all children who will need to look after their own bags and coats hanging them up themselves before they come into the school.

The children shouldn’t be bringing lots of bags into school every day – just one small back pack or a reading bag should suffice. PE kits could be brought in once at the beginning of the week and then taken home every Friday for a wash.

Nursery parents/carers are invited to wait on the nursery yard with their children until registration.

Parents Carers will not be able to speak to the class teacher before registration at the beginning of the day. If you have any messages you must come round to the school office and we will take your message here.



The Mile a Day Start


It’s great to see more and more of our children using safe routes to have an active journey into school but there are still a great many who are not afforded this opportunity. In school we can help with establishing healthy lifestyle routines and on arrival at school each morning from September in the ten minutes before registration all children can join a walk, jog or run circuit on the school grounds that will give them some activity before they start the school day officially. In support of an active start for everyone we’d like to draw your attention to the following points:

  • Research shows that children who have had an active start can concentrate for longer in learning sessions and make better progress overall

  • We are providing a regular daily opportunity for exercise for our children with obvious health benefits. Everyone gets a chance to have a bit of activity before coming into lessons so there is equality of access

  • We are working towards the National Priorities of reducing obesity in children by providing good examples of healthy lifestyle choices

In a recent residential course to Llangrannog we noticed that many of our children had very low levels of physical stamina and were clearly not used to walking any distance. This is a health concern for future generations and we are trying to do something to enable children to have a daily slot of walking every day. The mile a day will become a key feature of the Croesty experience and every child will have to take part. Breakfast club children will join the mile a day at 08:45.