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National Day of Reflection Tuesday 23rd March 2021

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the UKs first lockdown because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. It will also be a Marie Curie National Day of Reflection and this is a charity that has been very much supported by Croesty Primary School in the past and particularly by a former Chair of Governors Cllr. Ken King. Today the charity looks after people who are very unwell and who unfortunately will not get better.

The Charity is named after Marie Curie the Polish scientist who was a trail blazer in the study of radio activity.  Marie Curie became the first woman professor of Paris University and from the very beginning she could see through her science investigations that her discoveries could be used to help others.

Today we see how her work has impacted on modern medical science as we use radio activity in X-rays and to control and destroy cancers.

The symbol of the Marie Curie Charity is the daffodil – and you’ll see plenty of these on our school grounds at the moment. You’ll also notice them around a plaque and growing under a tree at the front of our building. The plaque commemorates the fund raising efforts of Cllr King and Croesty Primary School for Marie Curie and the tree was planted by Cllr King and the children in 1995.