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School Photographer Appointment

Imogen in Year 6 has been appointed by the School Council to be our School Photographer this year and she will be assisted by Joe in Year 5. Seven children applied for the job and the School Council shortlisted three children to be interviewed. All three children who were interviewed today gave a fantastic account of themselves and why they felt they would make a good school photographer. The School Council then asked the three children to take three portrait shots on the school camera. They had to catch the character of their subject. This was the ultimate test and the council were amazed at just how well each photographer set up their portrait shots. They had to do this on the spot using a camera that they had never used before. However, this did not phase any of the three applicants who calmly got on with the job and they really tested the decision making skills of the interview panel.

I wonder how many adults would have coped so well in such a situation and as the only adult observer there I was very impressed with the candidates and the interview panel - they've experienced a real life interview process. Take a look at the candidate photographs!